Sample Puzzles From THE RUNES

Here are some examples from the beginning of THE RUNES

This is the first page of the puzzle...
Page 1 of THE RUNES
...and a simpler view of the start.
The clue for each letter should lead you to the bottom word
Here are some puzzles introduced a little later.
Three words can be found here, but what is the missing word?
Who tells the truth and who is the liar?
Which letter is linked to the pentagon? (Watch out for the vertical line, which shows whether items are linked or not.)
When you position the last two ships, which letter is in the square with the question mark? (The ships can't touch, even diagonally. The edge numbers count the ship squares in each row or column.)

Have you solved some of these?

If so, you certainly have the skills to begin to solve THE RUNES.

The puzzles become more challenging...
There are many other puzzle types introduced as THE RUNES progresses and they steadily become more challenging.
Page 6 of THE RUNES
...over a total of 27 A4 pages.
You will also discover how the solutions link together to create more puzzles that gradually reveal an ancient mystery.
THE RUNES: 27 pages of linked puzzles
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