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The Tudor Apothecary
Welcome to the Apothecary's World!

Enter the world of Rural Tudor England.
 Strange medicines and practices, and medicines that still work well today.

 Farming, the crops grown, animals kept, food production, and even authentic - and tasty! - recipes.

Clothes worn, fabric production and dyeing of materials (the delightful "fixative", stale urine!).

The Garden that held plants for all of the above,
the plant folklore.

Things to do, solve my jigsaw puzzle, and things to make, as well as to read!

By a former staff member of a museum education department.

Photos and pictures. 

Kits available. 
Step-by-step lessons to use with the kits to bring History alive.

"Our day went brilliantly, although it's totally exhausting being a Tudor for the day!
The children loved it! They made an excellent effort with their costumes and we enjoyed making the Pomander Beads, painting stained glass windows, eating Pease Pottage at our Tudor Banquet and having our Tudor Ball.
The parents came in for the last half hour and we did a little show for them which they enjoyed.
The tudor Apothecary worked so well as you were so kind in supporting us.
Thanks again."
Annebelle Spicer
Sompting Village Primary School

email: - the.apothecary@ntlworld.com

As so many of you are now using this website I'd love to hear your comments, even 'wish lists' of things to see on it.

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