Sweet Woodruff - Tudor strewing herb, smells like fresh hay when dried.

Rosa Mundi

Healing and edible flowers with a jar of St John's Wort oil

Where the sister trees of hawthorn and blackthorn grow together is a magical place!

Elderberries - poisonous until cooked

Nature's Autumn Harvest

Rolf - The Head Gardener!

Babs - having a soak after a hard day sleeping!

Margaret and Janice, "the serving wenches", in authentic costume.

Neville the Shire horse at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

Tamworth sow

Tamworth piglet

Bayleaf Farmstead, a Medieval Hall House, no chimneys as fire still in the centre of the room. Now at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. 15th or early 16thC.

Medieval shops from Horsham, now at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. 15thC with jettied upper chambers.

The house from Walderton. Originally a timber framed medieval house, updated in the 17thC.

Market Hall from Titchfield. 16th or early 17thC. 1st floor is the town council chambers, a covered area below for market traders, and on the far side a lock-up, or 'cage', for offenders.

Pendean house built in 1609, now at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum. A brick chimney, a significent change from the hall houses of mid 16thC with a fire in the centre of the open hall.This house is still unglazed.

Poplar Cottage, mid 17thC, landless, labourers cottage. The fire has gone from the centre of the open hall, not a chimney but a 'smoke bay'.

Bayleaf Farmstead decorated for Christmas with a feast laid out

Tudor Christmas feast with a pig's head, marchpane decorations, candied fruit and food gilded in goldleaf!

Rolf sitting down on the job, Babs checking to see how it works! It is locked in position so paws can't be caught.

Babs knows what it's for! Rolf looks to see if it's hamsters working it. It's locked in position so paws can't be caught or cats trapped underneath.


Knapweed - Perennial Cornflower

Buddleia and the Bumblebee

A garden tiger moth checking on the time!

A garden tiger moth in more natural surroundings, water mint and on gardener's garter.

Please click on each photo below to enlarge and get details.

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