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Hands On History - bring History Alive!

"I just want to say thank you for sending the order for our Tudor Day and to let you know what a fabulous time the children and I had."
Pauline Harrison
Eyton Primary School


Pomander Beads were made by the Apothecary for people to carry with them, particularly in towns.
In Medieval and Tudor times people believed it was the "bad smells" that made them ill (and there were plenty of bad smells about!) so they carried "good smells" to protect them.
Pomander Beads were made from a mixture of sweet smelling herbs and spices, and made into a hard ball with a gum.

Carrying scented beads etc spans many centuries, from early medieval times to the 'vinaigrette' boxes of the Victorians. 

If you can follow a recipe and cook a meal then this 'recipe' is easy to follow (see my guestbook and the 9yr old who made them for her class presentation!).

Schools' Pomander Bead Kit .................. £28.00  incl p&p
( For smaller class sizes or groups e.g. Home educators, please phone or email for cost of tailormade kit)
As used in a School for gifted children in Texas USA!                 

For use in the classroom, for 30 pupils
Complete with instructions, 

for KS2

 A history of Medieval/Tudor Medicine,

or The Great Plague 1665,

 or The Great Fire of London 1666 where details of how the housing, its materials, streets and living conditions not only helped the spread of the fire but why pomander beads would have been carried by many.

 for KS1 it comes with plant folklore.

for KS3 Medicine & its Practitioners, the plague

(step by step photo guide to making pomander beads is available on page "Pomander Beads" and a full lesson of Tudor Medicine as a example, including the pomander beads is on page "P Bead Full Lesson")

"Fleece to Fabric" Kit.............................£25.00 incl p&p
(For smaller class size or group e.g. home educators, please phone or email for cost of tailormade kit)
Samples of linen ranging from the finest worn by the wealth to a rough linen worn by the peasants.
Samples of wool, again ranging from that worn by the richest to the poor, not just the quality but in colour for each class.
Clean, raw wool for the whole class to 'finger-spin'.
Sample of silk fabric, raw silk thread, and silk cocoons, one with worm rattling inside!
Natural dyes to try e.g. madder root (reds) and goldenrod (olive/green)
8 pages of teachers notes included
pictures and photos.
(Can be used in 'Textile' lessons)

Buy the Apothecary Kit and Fleece to Fabric Kit together and save £3.00
Cost for both......£50.00 incl p&p

" We had our Tudor Day and it was really great. My kids loved it, even the nearly 12 year old got really into it."
Jenny Ballam
Home Educator, Tudor Group of 6
(Tailor made kit for size of group)

Kit sent to South Africa to a mature fashion design student!


Phone: - Sally on 023 92713515

email: -

Now pay by Paypal!
If you have an email address I can send an invoice via Paypal and you can pay by credit/debit card.

Cheques made payable to: -
 S. Murdoch
Ground Floor Flat
34 Derby Rd
For schools, invoice can sent with order
14 days to pay.

Pomander Beads and Ingredients
Fleece to Fabric Kit with samples of wool, linen and silk fabric, also raw wool, linen and silk, silk cocoons and madder root and goldenrod for dyeing.

"Our day went brilliantly although it's totally exhausting being a Tudor for the day!
The children loved it! They made an excellent effort with their costumes and we enjoyed making the Pomander Beads, painting stained glass windows, eating Pease Pottage at our Tudor Banquet, and having our Tudor Ball.
The parents came in for the last half hour and we did a little show for them which they enjoyed.
The Tudor Apothecary worked so well as you were so kind in supporting us.
Thanks again,
Annebelle Spicer
Sompting Village Primary School

'Tudor Recipes for the Modern Cook' + lessons CD

'Tudor Recipes for the Modern Cook'

Lessons CD

'Tudor Recipes for the Modern Cook' has been published and is now on sale through this website or Amazon where there is a 'look inside' facility.
This is being offered to schools with a CD of all my lessons covering food, farming, clothing, women & children, medicine and its practitioners, the physic garden, practical things to do, and how all this can relate to English & Geography lessons.

 £15 incl p&p
£1 from sale of each book goes to Parkinson's UK

Schools can be invoiced
credit/debit card payments taken by Paypal through your email address
or send a cheque to:
S Murdoch
34 Derby Rd
Tel: 023 92713515       

School Visits

For Schools
A single lesson, a morning or full day


Tudor Apothecary/Monastic Physic Gardens an their uses
Tudor Fleece to Fabric

The years of The Great Plague 1665


The Great Fire of London 1666

(all with hands-on making of pomander beads)
Food and its Production

A Complete Tudor Day!

I can take one class through a day doing: -
Fleece to Fabric
Food and its Production
'What is It?'
(A collection of replica artifacts for handling and discussion in small groups)

Every pupil will be involved, every pupil will have 'made' and 'handled' by the end of the day.


WE (the staff and I) can do the same for up to 4 classes!
I will send all you need in advance for 'Food' and 'Fleece'
you are within a 20mile drive of Portsmouth
I will do a pre-visit one afternoon.

I will travel up to 40miles from Portsmouth!

"Thank you so much for yesterday. We all had a great time. The children were buzzing when they went home. We hope you will come back next year."
Christine Sinnett, head of Yr5 Horndean Junior School. 19.11.10 (4th year doing a Tudor DAy with 4 classes)

From £70 for 1 lesson to a max £250 including pre-visit
plus possible travel costs
Includes: -
all materials for Apothecary and Fleece to Fabric
in fact everything except cooking ingredients!!!

CRB checked & insured


Phone: - Sally on 023 92713515

email: -

Cheques made payable to: -
 S. Murdoch
Ground Floor Flat
34 Derby Rd
For schools, invoice can sent with order
14 days to pay.

A Medieval/Tudor History Day
For Schools - Do it Yourself!
All you need for a "hands-on" day of rural life in Medieval and Tudor times.

Set up sessions of: -
 Apothecary - Pomander Bead making kit, plus "recipes" for other easy to make "medicines"
Fleece to Fabric -  clothes, examples of different quality wool and linen for each class in society, wool to finger-spinning, silk fabric, raw silk and cocoons,  examples of natural dyes (urine being used as a "fixative" but you don't have to use it!)

Food: - recipes for sweetmeats to make table decorations.
Recipes for a complete meal with a course being made per session. Let everyone sit down and try it at the end of the day!

Instructions, pictures, photos and information with each of the above.

Split the school day into 4. Have 4 groups of pupils doing each activity in turn. In "Food" split again between sweetmeats and a course of the meal. In the 4th lesson of the day have everyone sit to a meal, on tables laid Tudor-style, and listen to Tudor Table Manners - Not Hollywood Henry! 
do a fourth activity e.g. candle dipping, illuminated lettering, or building model houses of the day.

Cost for a class of 30 ....... £65.00 incl p&p
with all info on computer disk £55.00 incl p&p

                TO ORDER 

See Online Store page

Phone: - Sally on 023 92713515

email: -

Now pay by Paypal!
If you have an email address I can send an invoice via paypal and you can pay by credit/debit card

Cheques made payable to: -
 S. Murdoch
Ground Floor Flat
34 Derby Rd
For schools, invoice can sent with order
14 days to pay.



Early Medicine & its Practitioners
Physician, barber/surgeon, apothecary, monks, midwife, herbwife.
with 'hands-on' element,
make the pomander beads
A Perfume for the Sick Chamber

Medieval Day
Medieval Realms - Rural Life
covering medicine, clothes and food
with 'hands-on' elements

Cost: £70 per session 'Medicine and its Practitioners

Cost: Medieval/Tudor Day £250

Kit prices as above, tailored for Medieval life instead of Tudor.

CRB checked & insured


phone: - Sally 023 92713515

CD of Tudor Lessons

6 Tudor History Lessons
Practical Lessons

A disk with 6 classroom lessons, practical lessons for schools with a range of facilities, and follow-ups including crossover lessons in English and Geography.

1. How we know about history
2. Children - rich and poor, their work, play and schooling
3. Food - rich & poor, production and imports, recipes and menus
4. Clothing - rich & poor, textiles and production
5. Medicine - practioners, illnesses and cures
6. Women's Work - rich and poor,including brewing, dairying, music, overseeing the estate when the men were at war.

All lessons have visuals of photos, pictures and diagrams.

Cost: - £10 includes p&p Recorded Delivery

To Order: - 
See Online Store page

Phone Sally - 023 92713515

email -
Now pay by Paypal!
If you have an email address I can send an invoice via paypal and you can pay by credit/debit card.

write - S.Murdoch
Ground Floor Flat
34 Derby Road

Schools can be invoiced. 

Physic Gardens

Do you have a small patch that could be turned into a
Tudor Physic Garden?

Enjoy planting sweet-scented herbs and watch them grow.

Learn their magical, medicinal qualities.

See the wildlife a Physic Garden attracts.

All now on a CD for £6
Plans, plants and 'hands-on' activities from them. 

Now pay by Paypal!
If you have an email address I can send an invoice via Paypal and you can pay by credit/debit card

Tel: - Sally on 023 92713515

Sally Murdoch
Ground Floor Flat
34 Derby Rd
PO2 8HR 

Comfrey - known as knitbone - surrounded by the magical fairy flowers of vervain.

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