Talks, Demonstrations & Kits

Adult Groups

For W.I.s, History Groups, Gardening and Flower Arranging Clubs,
and all others who want a talk with a difference!

The Tudor Garden

Hear about the many uses of a Tudor garden. 
From food to flavourings,
Dyes to cosmetics,
Medicines to strewing,
and more.
Companion planting, raised beds and 'organics' aren't new!
The peasants garden, the physic garden
make sweet scent Apothecary beads!
Examples of dyes, medicines etc.

The Apothecary

Tudor Medicine and its Practitioners.
From the Physician and blood letting,
through leeches, Barber/Surgeons,
Monks and their physic gardens
to the village Herbwife.
Strange illnesses and 'remedies',
and some herbal medicines that can still help today.
As always a practical demonstration with the talk.

Medieval and Tudor Food

Hear about the ingredients, how they were grown, raised or imported.
Food of the peasant, 
Food fit for a king.
How to lay the table,
Table manners (no Hollywood Henry here!)
Recipes and tasters! 

Talks can be from 45mins to 1hour 30 minutes
Practical Demonstration

Cost: - From £40 + petrol over 20miles from Portsmouth
CRB checked & insured

Phone: - Sally 023 92713515
email: -


Pomander Bead Making Kits

If you can follow a recipe to cook a meal then you can follow the "recipe" to make Pomander Beads!
Suitable for children of all ages (3 - 93!)
Make them on wet weekends and during the holidays and they make unusual gifts for Grandma, Mum or friends.
When dry make a hole with a needle and thread them with other beads to make a necklace (body heat will make them give off the perfume of rose, lavender and spices). Use them loose in your "knicker" drawer, or have them in a "Pomander" jar in place of chemical smelling pot-pourri.

See "Pomander Beads" page for step-by-step picture guide to making the beads.

Several kits sent to a large retirement home in USA!

For children's birthday parties.
Pass round containers (plastic humus containers will do) with each of the ingredients in, have everyone guessing what's in there, can they identify rose petals, lavender, the aniseed smell of fennel, or the Christmassy scent of clove powder?
Something very different to do, make and take home.

Kits include all ingredients, the easy-to-follow "recipe", the Tudor history of the pomander bead, and the folklore and fairy stories of the ingredients. 

PRICE : - £14.00 incl P&P   
                             Small kits cater for up to 12 children at a party.

Large kits for up to 30 - £26.00 incl p&p

Kits can be made for any size party on request.


Email: -

Phone: - Sally 023 92713515

Now pay by Paypal
If you have an email address I can send an invoice via Paypal and you can pay by credit/debit card

Cheques made payable to: -
Ground Floor Flat
34 Derby Road
Portsmouth   PO2 8HR

Ingredients, pomander beads and other Apothecary goods.

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