Food for the Rich and Poor Tudors
Feast Food of the Rich
Bayleaf Farmstead decorated with greenery for Christmas, with a feast laid out on the top table, a fire in the Hall. Notice the earthernware bell-shaped 'curfew' behind the fire, this would be put over the embers at night. 

All photos taken at the Weald and Downland Museum
Late Medieval/Early Tudor Bayleaf Farmstead.
Boar's Head
The head of a Tamworth pig makes the centre piece, having been cooked for approx 10 hours. The poor wouldn't have used the head in such a way. The cheeks, tongue and brains would have all been used for seperate dishes.
Fruit has been candied - showing off how rich they by the use of sugar - and other food covered in goldleaf!
Bayleaf Christmas Feast
So Sweet!
Again showing off their wealth with the use of sugar and almonds with the chequer-board of marchpane (marzipan), and fruit jellies.

Pies, fruit jellies and chequer-board marchpane.
Marchpane Centrpiece
The use of sugar, rosewater and ground almonds to make the marzipan for this elaborate decoration is for the rich only.
Marchpane (marzipan)
The Kitchen
A baliffs' home, like Bayleaf, that would be relatively well-off and have staff to cater for, and would not cook on the open fire in the Hall. There would be a seperate building used as a kitchen with store.
The Hall fire wouldn't be big enough to cook over for the family and staff that live there, also if you are going to have a large fire to cook over at least you will only burn down the kitchen and not the whole house!!!
Cauldrons with 'Lambswool' heating.
Pots and Pans
Tudor cooks had a variety of pots etc to use as well!
The smaller containers on the top shelf will house things such as spices and exotic fruits eg raisins, and the lids are made of pieces of linen dipped in beeswax, moulded round the top of the pot and kept in place by a thong of leather.

Note that most pots are upside-down, this stops ash from the fire going in, rats and mice leaving their dropping in there, and prevents the devil getting into your food!
Winkhurst Kitchen
Tudor Recipes for the Modern Cook

New book!
'Tudor Recipes for the Modern Cook'

Authentic recipes, how to 'dress' your table and Tudor table manners (NOT Hollywood Henry throwing bones!).

A section on recipes for schools with photos and pictures.

We all love to entertain our friends with a meal, with this book you will have everything you need to give the Tudor Feast.

It is a healthy, tasty, and reasonably priced way to eat - no recipes for swan etc!.

Recipes for pottage (soup), tarts, fish, meat, vegetables (yes, they did eat them despite what some historians say!) 'fillers', remember no potatoes, desserts,  sweetmeats and drinks.

Interesting historical tit-bits to impress your friends with during the course of the meal about the food you are serving.

These recipes and the way they are served have been used for dinner parties, served at museums, and at functions for up to 100 such as seen on page "St Mary's Feast".

 Also growing your own Medieval/Tudor veg/herb border.

 These recipes are suitable for everyday use. 

Cost: - £7.80 including p&p

Buy online using this websites online store
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