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1st package

To help with Tudor lessons at home I can put together a small Pomander Bead Kit for your children (and rest of the family!) and send it with a CD containing the lesson plus the 6 Tudor lessons.

6 Tudor lessons: - Tudor Children; clothing; English; Food; Geography; Women's work as well as how we know about history and practical things to do.

Cost: £16.00 inlcuding P&P

Email:- the.apothecary@ntlworld.com


2nd package

Together with the family Pomander Bead Kit and Tudor lessons CD

Some raw (but clean!) wool, flax (makes linen) and silk - Tudor clothes made from these. Also silk cocoon to soak and try and unwind (each coccon is made up of a single filament between 600 - 900 metres long), and a small amount of a natural dye to use. All help with Tudor clothing. Plus lesson

Cost: £20.00 including P&P

email:- the.apothecary@ntlworld.com



3rd Package

Package 1 plus CD of Handmade Gifts and Christmas Decorations

Cost £18.00 Including P&P

Package 2 plus CD of Handmade Gifts and CHristmas Decorations

Cost £22.00 including P&P

email:- the.apothecary@ntlworld.com

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