A Medieval Feast
The Venue

The Church of St Mary

On the 27th day of September
In the Year of Our Lord

The People

The social group of the parish cooked and served an authentic medieval feast for 70 parishioners, and the Vicar was happy for it to be held in the beautiful 12th century church - a perfect setting.

A cook and serving wench (Margaret), a Knight (cook and server, Tony) with other parishioners in costume.

A Vegetable Pottage

Rosted Pigge
Plaice Roste Ensause
Crusader Rice
Rosted Carrots & Peas
Manchet Bread

Plums in Red Wine
Apple Pie

Sweetmeats of Sugared Almonds

To Drink: -

Ale Mary

This gentleman and his wife cooked and served the pork in costume.

You know the food is good when the guests ask for the recipes at the end of the meal!

Recipes were requested for many of the dishes - and drinks!

The church itself gave so much to the community feeling of the evening, with many people entering into the spirit of the evening by dressing up.

Is this really Richard the Lionheart?

Could it be his brother Prince John?

A Knight returned from the Crusades,
having served his Church and King, he serves (and cooks!) for the king's guests.

Sir Tony of Kilmiston (Drive!)
Musings of a Serving Wench
(Asides by the scribe in brackets!)

My Lord Richard of Mountview (Avenue) and his wife Lady Margaret held a feast for King Richard, often called The Lionheart, whilst he was returned from the Crusades.

It was a grand affair with guests dressed in costumes that they though people would wear in 800 years time!
What imaginations! There were people dressed in all sorts of strange garb, very immodest, with women in things that resembled today's men's hose

Prince John dressed like a king - our King had returned from the Holy Land to put down a rebellion in the name of Prince John - and used the excuse that he was in the costume of a king of the future, he called himself Henry VIII!

Our lady Margaret dressed as a serving wench to serve her king, and Sir Richard and another knight returned from the Crusades, Sir Tony, also served the guests; this along with Sir Tony's wife Lady Janice, Lady Hazel and her husband and other gentry.

The priest of the parish allowed the feast to be held in the church of Portchester that was built just 60 years ago for the monks, who have since moved to other premises in Southwick.

This young priest of the parish had entered into the spirit of the evening and was wearing strange garb too; still wearing a collar of the priesthood, but what can only be descibed as a 'skirt' and showing the ankles! Not only this but allowing everyone to address him - though he looked like a her! - as 'Charlie' (The Rev Charlotte Allen), though surely even in hundreds of years no-one will address a person of the cloth in this familiar fashion?

The king's jester had partaken in rather too much wine and Ale Mary (a tasty ale specially brewed for the church!) so Nell dressed in his costume, donned a masked and gambled through the evening - I don't think the king noticed a change in jester!

All in all everyone enjoyed the feast and made merry.

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