Tranquility Cats
Slvr Gr.Ch ACF A of E Tranquility Prince of Passion Supreme of Supremes in 2004
Welcome to Tranquility Cats

Welcome to Tranquility Cattery.

 We are David & Yvonne Francis, and having fallen in love with cats, have been breeding for over 35 years. The main cats we are  currently  breeding, are British Blues, Burmese and Tonkinese. 

All of our cats have full pedigrees, as we are Registered breeders.  This means that your kitten will be healthy, happy, vet checked, wormed, microchipped and de-sexed. So when the day comes you can take your kitten home, knowing  that it is in the best of health!

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We have diversified by breeding Burmese &Tonkinese over the last 20 years, and have been breeding British Blue's for 8 years.   Having spent so much time with these wonderful creatures, we have grown a love for this breed of cat, for its muscular & powerful build.

We are life members of the CAV & FCCV Governing Body and love to show the best of our breeds, and we are very proud of our hard work as we have had a number of consistant champions through our cattery.
Please take the time to enjoy our web site, and feel free to call us on:
(03) 59712773 or 0414473284 to be able to visit our cattery.