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Written by Dennis on 27. Mar, 2012
Didn't know there was a breed of cats named the British blues til I came here. Have been trying to find out if my cat Slater (pictured) is any sort of blue breed (i.e. Russian, etc.) or just a run of the mill all grey cat?

Written by sinead on 31. Dec, 2011
merry christmas yvonne and a safe and happy new year, love dexter and me !!!

Written by Sinead Burke on 18. Nov, 2011
Dear Yvonne, i just wanted to let you know that Dexter is settling in lovely at his new home.. as you know about my other Burmese of 12 years "Casper" who passed away.. Dexter has mended my broken heart so much, and i am so thankful for such a beautiful little cat! And to be able to know that Dexter is a relative of my darling Casper makes me so happy! Dexter is really sweet and affectionate and just loves my attention!
thankyou Yvonne for being so kind to me and welcoming me so warmly to your home you can know that Dexter will be so loved xxxxxx

Written by Pam Sheean on 24. Oct, 2011
Dear Yvonne,
Hope all is well. Thinking of you.
Monty has a girlfriend. She is a chocolate Burmese and her name is Amber. She is a really sweety and very affectionate and funny. Monty absolutely loves her to bits. He loves her so much, he mothers her and almost does not let her out of his sight. I have attached a photo of my "three".
Love Pam

Written by Cheryl, Shane and Kane on 30. Jun, 2011
Hello, Yvonne, and David ,Just a short note to say thank-you so much for being so welcoming and patient with me when I arrived yesterday to chose our gorgeous tonk boy ,hes sooo cute, we all love him, even my non, cat loving husband. We all think that he looks like a mini hyenea and he is already friends with jimmy, our burmese kitten, they are thundering round the house as I type this .PS.These lovely people replaced our deceased kitty this week , and mended our hearts a little, with this cute baby boy, who loves it under my 19 yr old sons doona.. with him., ps thanks to Sue Gleeson, also , she is such a lovely person too and has made our family very happy . PS, Ill be in touch and I will send photos soon, thanks again,regards, Cheryl.

Written by Donna Botten on 21. May, 2011
Hi Yvonne & David
It was lovely to catch up with you again when my Mum picked up her new darling kitten Oliver 2 weeks ago. He has settled in very well and has brought them much joy. Our Chuck now 11 and Nicci now 1 we got from you continue to brighten our lives every day, THANK YOU FOR ALL OUR WONDERFUL TONKS,
Cheers Donna B.

Written by Marion on 23. Apr, 2011
Hi Yvonne and David,

Hope all is well!! Wanted to show you a photo of our beautiful Bella - from the Charity litter in 2009. She is such a compassionate and cute and elegant little one, and loves to sleep and hide under each and every doona in the house!

Written by Katarina Vuksinic (Kate from tyabb) on 24. Mar, 2011
Hi Yvonne and David, long time no see. See you have changed your favourite cat breed. No more Balinese or orientals? These cats look lovely, your cats always were well bred, healthy and well looked after. Hope you are doing well, have thought of you two often, love kate. xxx

Written by Julianne Bayliss on 17. Jan, 2011
Hi Yvonne and David,

Just wanted to show you a photo of your babies Tex and Tas now that they are all grown up. They are so clever we have been able to train them to use the toilet instead of cat litter. It's fantastic and much more environmentally friendly.

Written by Lorrayne on 10. Jan, 2011
Hi Yvonne and David
Just want to contact you to show you how one of your 'babies' has grown up. (Parents: Yosimoto/Sweet Molly) Yoko was born on Christmas Day 2005 and just had her 5th birthday. She has grown into a lovely girl with a wonderful disposition and she is adored soooooo much. Yoko has a 3yo sister named Kiki (brown burmese) and they are great companions. Thank you again Yvonne and David for such a lovely girl =^..^=

Written by Peter on 27. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

Written by Jasper on 19. Feb, 2010
She in not kidding.

Written by Kane and Diana on 19. Feb, 2010
Yvonne and David - I just wanted to thank you for letting us adopt one of your beautiful babies Jasper. He was born Christmas day 2009 to Lucky Lady and Prince of Passion. He is such cheeky and spoilt boy.
He has the most wonderful character and we trully couldnt love him more.
Thank you again.

Written by Jacki Boxall on 22. Dec, 2009
Hi Yvonne,
I am a new breeder and I have seen Jan-Lees boy Sonny. He is just devine in every way and I hope in the very near future to be able to purchase one of your stunning babies as a breeder for my own cattery.
Keep up the good work and have a wonderful x-mas,


Written by Jan-Lee Bartier on 21. Dec, 2009
As a former British Shorthair breeder I've had several of Yvonnes cats for breeding over the years and always been impressed not only by their quality but their ability to produce consistent show winning kittens and future breeders for me. I have retired now but retained one of Yvonnes boys Sonny (pictured) as my much loved pet. Thank-you Yvonne for the beautiful cats you have sent me and for the wonderful friendship we now share. xxx