History Of The Burmese
History Of The Burmese

The modern breed was founded by "Wong Mau", a cat imported into the US from Burma in 1930 who was crossed with a Siamese tom. There may have been subsequent imports of cats from Burma, but certainly by 1936 the cats were breeding true enough to be granted recognition in the US. However, the large amount of Siamese blood that had been intrduced caused the original type to be overwhelmed and the registration was temporarily dissolved during the 1940s. Despite their Siamese content, they were given British recognition in 1952. A year later, with the American breed once more conforming to type, it was again recognized in the US.

Because Burmese are full of energy they need lots of stimulation when they are kittens, it is suddested to have in pairs, so they do not become bored.


The breed is famous for its affectionent personality, these cats love people.


Not only do the number of Burmese varieties differ on each side of the Atlantic, but also the American and British standards. The American Burmese has a rounded, head, eyes, and feet than the British cat.