Roger Wagland was born in 1953 in Sheffield, England.
Roger has travelled extensivly and enjoys meeting the diversity of different cultures and people.
He moved to Norway in 1978 and is now living in Norway with his norwegian wife on the small island of Hareid. Together they have one daughter called Sara.

Roger works as a teacher and spends most of his spare time occupied with art and music. He has had numerous art-exhibitions both separate and collective, including one exhibition specially arranged for the Queen of Norway.
In 2001 Roger was employed as the art/designer for a sculptur monument which today stands 3 meters high  on a roundabout in the village center of Hareid.
He loves being creative and enjoys experimenting with different ideas and techniques. His work expresses the lifes the loves and dreams of men and women.
Most of Rogers artwork has a characteristic undertone of psychology, humour and surrelism.



Roger Wagland

Pålhaugen 13


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