Spring is here at last

Ash Dieback Disease

You may have noticed that several trees have been cutdown recently or what is technically known as monolithed.

This is because we have ash dieback, a fungal disease, in the Valley.

It kills 95% of the trees that are affected and is sweeping through the UK. The ones that have been felled were near a path or road so it had to be done for safety reasons as branches could fall.

The disease will be more noticeable in the summer as the leaves wilt, turn black and drop off. A full survey will be done later in the year as there are lots of other ash trees which may be diseased.

Where the trees have been cut down it lets more light into the area and opportunist young seedings and saplings will have a chance to grow and fill the space. You will have noticed that the trees in the woods have not been cut to ground level and also that they have a jagged or coronet top which mimics a natural breakage.

Both these things will give more habitats for fungi, insects, plants etc. The main trunk will rot over the coming years but in the meantime it can provide homes for a variety of small creatures and fungi which will in turn provide food for birds, such as woodpeckers, and small animals.

This is typical of the way it affects the leaves.
The Coronet Cut
Cherry picker used for highest branches
Adhering to South Glos Covid advice and restrictions, our hardworking and dedicated men have over the last few months on a Monday morning, carried out the following:- 
All recently planted trees  (over the last two years) have been weeded tidied and mulched.
The hedge overlooking the wetland has been tidied, repaired, extended and enhanced.
A bird box survey was undertaken. Five new bird boxes were erected. The number and  location of each box has been recorded.
The stream has been cleared  of rubbish, timber etc. Baffles have been repaired.
Snowdrops have been lifted, split  and replanted. Primroses have also been planted. 
Litter has regularly been collected.
Unfortunately the strong winds lately have caused damage to several trees in the valley and along with diseased branches of several other trees they had become unsafe. South Glos sent in a team of tree surgeons over the last two weeks who have done an excellent job of felling and shredding those needing attention. Our thanks to them for an excellent job.