Copenhagen, Denmark, April 30th 2013

Press Release:

Simple Does It: 130K EUR Revenue in Two Months from Launching Effortless Web Shop

Allow users without computer skills to launch an online store within minutes. This was the bold ambition behind's new webshop module launched February 1st. Two months later and 1200 customers have already subscribed to the new module.

"We could have launched the webshop much sooner but spent a great amount of time on optimizing the features and cutting out unnecessary parts. It's mission critical to us that our users experience instant success and don't get lost in loads of options," says CEO and founder, Morten Elk, of

65,000 global customers were offered the shop module

With an existing base of 65,000 paying customers, made a silent launch of their webshop in January. The new webshop module was first launched in the Danish market, without any announcement, in an effort to test out how well it worked, gauge the response of customers, as well as to fix any technical issues before scaling up to the global markets. Then launched globally on February 1st. Only two months in, and already 1200 customers have purchased the new webshop module, with the customer base continuing to grow significantly every week. These first 1200 shops alone will generate over 130,000 EUR in revenue for in 2013. "Our success shows that it's a great business opportunity to enable people with no computer skills to create their own presence on the web," CEO Morten Elk says.

USA, France and the Nordic region take the lead

  • 3/4 of the 1200 shops were created in the Nordic countries, France, and the USA.
  • Half of the 1200 shops are existing customers adding the webshop module to their account. The rest are new customers who have signed up with SimpleSite since January.
  • The shop module costs 15 EUR per month on top of the SimpleSite base fee.
  • Payment is integrated with PayPal, so new shops start receiving payments immediately.

Morten Elk expects the number of shops to grow even more rapidly once launches in nine new countries later this year.

SimpleSite is both a Minimum and a Most Viable Product
The January launch of the shop can be seen as a testing of the MVP or ”Minimum Viable Product”, a fundamental idea to the Lean Startup methodology. But SimpleSite takes this concept even further: ”We constantly explore just how compact and lightweight we can make any feature to deliver the simplest product possible. Well-tested and well-designed simplicity is our main value creation, so to us, the ”Minimum” in MVP is a key value driver in itself, not just a stepping stone to a bigger product. MVP also means ”Most Viable Product” to us and our users,” CEO Morten Elk says.

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