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How to create a website for free: making your own website has never been easier.

  • Create a free website, blog, or online store .
  • Build your website to look exactly the way you want it to.
  • Share your website with others.
  • Our free website maker is fast, easy, and doesn't require any experience with web design.

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Using SimpleSite is as easy as one, two, three!

We at SimpleSite believe it is important to offer people of all technological levels the ability to tap into the web's endless potential. With our free website builder, we are the first truly easy to use platform for anyone who is interested in creating personal websites, blogs, or online stores. Best of all, you can be online with your own website within minutes!

What makes SimpleSite so unique is that it aims to make the process of making your own webpage as quick and painless as possible, while still giving you complete control over the look and feel of your website. You simply choose what type of website it will be, customize its look with our guided design wizard, then fill in the information needed to make it yours. This will give you a website that you can manage however you like!

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People that will love SimpleSite

Our solution isn't made for professional web developers; it’s made for anybody with a desire to have their own little corner of the internet. Our passion is to offer a website builder that is easy for anybody to use. No designers, developers, or webmasters necessary!

You can use our tools to display your business, hobby, social club, blog or special talent with beautiful website designs. Or you can create a website where friends and family can come look at videos, pictures and messages from you, no matter where in the world they are! Our service provides all of this, and more. We offer a variety of designs, uniquely suited to the purpose of your website.

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Getting started with SimpleSite

Have great photos you want to display? Make a free website and add a photo album, so anyone who visits your website can see your work. Do you have something to say? Create a blog page, and start writing. You can also build a store with product descriptions and images, make a price or service list, provide a pedigree chart, and a whole lot more.

SimpleSite provides you with a quick step-by-step website builder that anyone can use. In just a few easy steps you can create a website, whether it is professional or personal. Make your own website today.