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Stephen C. Burrows 
Hon. JP, AIBF, Director
specialising and servicing
V12s, V8s, 6 cyl, Supercharged performance and
classic reproductions Jaguar & Ferrari cars.

usually 24 hours contact on

(613) 98882144

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Latest comments

03.09 | 15:57

I like to customise my jag 94 xj6/x300 Sovereign 4.0ltr petrol-just the front.Can do with an engine tune up, like to replace a muffler.

26.04 | 07:55

Tnx John or enquiry, yes,... you can email direct for more info on

Steve Burrows

25.04 | 19:56

Hi Guys, can you help me convert a LHD to RHD E-Type Ser2


13.02 | 05:45

Thx,.. we try, not pure Queens english, but message gets thru. Aim to get rid of the 'voodoo', keep it real, others ask help with email remote assist.

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