Janallan Zend Avesta (Merlin). Sadly deceased August 2015. He was my registered, working assistance dog and loyal companion. Sire of Faolan and grandsire of Shu, he has passed on his lovely character.

Welcome to our website

I am disabled with rheumatoid arthritis and exercise my dogs,  do obedience training  and compete in agility on a mobility scooter.

My dogs seem to think this is great fun as it goes faster than I used to walk.

It keeps them very fit and well muscled and we can often be seen round the villages and in the fields and footpaths local to my home.

We also go along the Severn Way  by Tewkesbury so the dogs get to swim as well.

Out exercise!!

I have made this website so that you can share my life, see pictures of my dogs and my paintings and leave a message in my guestbook. Have fun!
I started in dogs with a sheltie crossbreed in 1957 and then added a border collie. My father bought my first GSD in 1964 and I bred shepherds until the 80's. I saw a groenendael in 1967 and determined that one day I would have one. 
I bought my first groenendael in 1983, she was Sorcha (Princesse Noire of Janallan), and I was hooked from the start. She was such fun, so lively and bright, 12 months later the puppy Chicko came to share my life, he was to become Champion Passat of Questenberg at Janallan. He had a fantastic character.
All my homebred dogs are descended from these two.
This is a small kennel, situated on the Worcs/Glos. border, near Tewkesbury. The 'Janallan'  affix was first registered in 1969, breeding first GSD and later, from 1983, Groenendaels and Japanese Spitz.
 All the dogs live in the house with me and are first and foremost my beloved companions. I concentrate on breeding for good health, sound temperaments and working ability. All my breeding stock are hip scored and eye tested regularly. Visitors are always assured of a boisterous, friendly welcome.
My dogs are fed a species appropriate raw food diet.

email: janallanbsd@btinternet.com