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Written by Charlotte on 12. Feb, 2012
Hi! My in laws have just lost their 8 yr old Belgian shepherd to stomach cancer. They are devastated. Can you advise where wecan get a puppy from? Has to be groendale male xx
Written by Ellie Newman on 18. Nov, 2011
Hi Grandma.
one day I wold love to fly on a plane
to England and see all the dogs and you.
Written by Denise on 15. Sep, 2011
I have enjoyed browsing here Janet, your guys all look so happy and healthy!
Written by Alison NSW Australia on 24. Jun, 2011
Lovely website, lovely dogs & truly amazing artwork! You are an inspiration!
Written by Marty in Juneau on 21. Jun, 2011
Lovely black dogs!! Thanks for sharing your site.
Written by Maxine on 15. May, 2011
Your dogs are lovely. Just wish our Groenendal was as well behaved as yours.
Written by Peter on 27. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by Cheryl Weller on 17. Oct, 2010
Hi Mum, i have stumbled upon your website, its great to see you are doing so well, we should have a catch up sometime. Im not sure my sure my dog quite fits with your Grons but shes perfect for me, talk soon Cheryl.
Written by sam hale on 6. Oct, 2010
hi jan
just fell upon your website it is brill. would love to catch up . take care

Written by Lee and Bill Newman on 27. Aug, 2010
Hi Janet, takes a while but thinking of you esp after seeing the original of painting of Hackfalls Arboretum at Karens. And on website too!
Great photos and lovely dogs on your site.
Hope the recent additions are finding good homes and no doubt keeping you busy. We now into spring after v wet winter. Will get photo of Matilda (Tilly) to send to you. No more pups yet.
love to you and yours, Lee
Written by Ray Brown on 27. Jul, 2010
Hi Janet congratulations, glad to here Taiin is doing well and so are all the pups. Looking forward to our next visit and meeting all the pups. Bet Merlin is a proud Father too.
Written by Peter on 21. May, 2010
Wow what a nice website you have thanks for looking:) keep up the good work
Written by Jolanda on 6. Mar, 2010
Nice website! Was just surfing om the net and found a picture of your Odinn. I am the owner of Odinn's father, Bentho.
Written by Donna Scragg on 23. Feb, 2010
Great web site Jan so neat to see you doing agility with your dogs.
Written by Jan Speer on 18. Jan, 2010
Lovely website and lovely dogs. It is wonderful that you have adapted so well to the physical challenges you face; and have such a great companion. It also sounds like your breeding philosophy is very sound. I have a wonderful Terv.