Dearest Ianto sadly deceased May 2014. He sadly didn't get to see his great grandson Shu as he died two days before Shu arrived. His wonderful character has come through the generations of son, grandson and now great grandson. Still sadly missed here at Janallan.
Ianto competing at 9 years of age.


Ianto is one of the best charactered Belgians I have ever known.

He has a wonderful attitude to training and still competes in agility at the age of 10, with great enthusiasm!!
he has passed his Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold, has a hip score of 4/5 and was last eye tested clear at the age of 8.

This personality plus dog has passed on his fabulous temperament to his sons and daughters. Jazz is CDx and a PAT dog, Merlin is a registered assistance dog and Ben and Blue worked sheep until their owner retired. Ebony is doing agility along with her daughter Quill.

He is a delight to live with and is really lovely with children.

Sire: Hawksflight Into the Stars, 2CC's DOM, Character Assessed Excellent.

Dam: Corndael Driftin' Mist, 1 RCC.

DOB 4th September 1999

Ianto at 10 years of age.