Merlin is the seventh generation here at Janallan.

he has a hip score of 3/4 and a current clear eye certificate (July 2010).

He has passed his Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold and is my registered, working assistance dog.

His temperament is exemplary and he is the most wonderful companion.

he has competed in obedience and agility but his main aim in life is to look after me. he seems to know what I what before I know I want it!!!

he is a kind, gentle dog who goes everywhere with me, he just about has a fan club! but don't be fooled! he is a very convincing watch dog and I am sure would protect me with his life if necessary.

Sire: Corndael Star Performer for Janallan

Dam: Yva Ysabella with Janallan.

DOB 17th March 2002
Merlin at 5 years old.


Puppies arrived safely at the end of July 2010, five dogs and two bitches.

One male stayed, Faolan,  he has his own page.

Merlin was a great Dad helping to look after the litter.

Merlin at seven years old in a friends garden.

October 2011.

Merlin is now nine and I can't believe where the time goes.

The pups are now fourteen months old. Merlin is a lovely Dad to Faolan, very tolerant and kind and they are good friends.

Merlin is showing Faolan how to take my socks off and fetch things for me and pick up my sticks etc. It is quite amazing to see them together, how Faolan watches and then Merlin stands back and lets the pup do it.

He really is a dog in a million.

Merlin in the garden Oct. 2011.

birthday boy!

My beautiful Merlin at 11 years old Photo taken on his birthday!! Hopefully two more litters by him this year.

Sadly Merlin was given sleep in August 2015, it is a huge loss to me, he leaves an enormous space.
A once in a lifetime dog.
Merlin at 11 years old.