Tainn Update

Tainn is running really well in agility and steeplechase at the UKA shows. Her puppies from her first litter are now two years old and training for agility and working trials.

Unfortunately Tainn has developed an infection and will be spayed. I had hoped to have another litter from her, but it was not to be.

Tainn on her way to 4th place in agility at Hawbridge Aug 2012.


Tainn join my family in May 2008.

She is a delightful character who adores people.

she has been to two open shows where she has Best of Breed and Reserve Best of Breed.

She has passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver and has started agility training.

Tainn is a very athletic girl and jumps for joy!!  She is also very fast and when we get it all together I think she will be a great agility dog.

Tainn at 12 months.

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Tainn took her Good Citizen Gold last Sunday but failed on her 'send to bed' running out to her bed and then coming back to me to lie at my feet, her usual place!!

I am sure she will pass it next April.

I am considering a litter from her at the end of 2010.

She has passed her first eye test August 2009

Hips 4/5

Sire: Aramis de Bruine Buck (Imp)
Dam. Delark Secret Love of Bonvivant.

DOB 10th March 2008
Tainn the Whizz Kid enjoying a gallop!!


Twelve months on from the birth of her puppies, Tainn is back to agility with a bang!!!

She is fast and thoroughly enjoys it. The scooter can't keep up with this whizzkid, I need a turbo-charge!!

She is such fun to run and gets very excited watching the other dogs, yet at home she is quiet and gentle, the perfect companion.
Tainn competing in steeplechase.

UKA August 2011

Tainn is really getting it together and at UKA last Friday she was 3rd in the first steeplechase and WON the 2nd steeplechase in just over 34 seconds!🙂
She has now moved up to novice but is still in beginners fro agility.
She is fast and fun and very athletic. She is learning to go on ahead of the scooter which is why she is recording faster times. She gets to the end of the course well before me!!!!
Tainn on her way to winning the steeplechase.