Puppies Expected!!

Faolan has hopefully sired his first litter. He mated Bonvivant Cerendipity last Monday 20th January 2014, puppies expected 24th March (fingers crossed!!)

Enquiries for puppies contact breeder

Chris Paris Brown 01227 365381

His character is superb and he is a good, keen agility dog.  Two of his brothers are in the BSDA Working Roll of Honour with CDex, UDex, and WDex.

Eye tested clear July 2013
Hips 4:4.

Faolan in steeplechase

Faolan had a good time at UKA Hawbridge August 2012, where he had two 2nds in steeplechase.

He still needs to learn to concentrate but enjoys himself and is a fun personality dog.

He loves people and other dogs and is a joy to live with. Like his father he is my constant companion, including sleeping on my bed!!!! 

pup update

All the Merlin/Tainn puppies have now gone to their new homes apart from Faolan who is staying here. (FAOLAN is Gaelic for 'Little Wolf')

The characters of the puppies are wonderful. Two have gone to working trial homes, two to agility homes and one to obedience.

I have had a lovely eight weeks with the pups, Tainn was a wonderful mum, and now we are back to near normality, just the addition of livewire Faolan who is fast becoming best friends with Odinn.
Faolan in the garden at 10 weeks old.

Faolan 14 weeks

Faolan has started puppyschool which he thinks is great fun. He is very sociable and loves other dogs and people.
He is also training at Janet Martineau's puppy class.
he and Odinn spend many hours playing together and are great friends.
Learning 'recall' at 13 weeks.

Growing up!!

Faolan is now 5 months old and growing into a lovely boy with a strong, sensible temperament. He seems to be unfazed by anything and is friendly and outgoing.
I am hoping he will follow in his dad's footsteps and be an assitance dog for me. He is already trying to take my socks off but at present is nearly removing my toes as well!!!
photo at 5 months.


Well, Faolan will be one year old tomorrow, where have the months gone??

he is a fabulous character and reminds me so much of his dad.

He will be starting agility training in September and is already doing small jumps and contact equipment in the garden.

he and Odinn are great friends and partners in crime!!
photo at nine months

Merlin and Son!

Merlin is teaching his son well and Faolan is starting to pick up my sticks, though he doesn't always bring them to me!!!🙂

They get on well together.
in the shade,by my scooter at a show.


Faolan is competing now at the local UKA shows. He was two years old a couple of weeks ago.  We have just spent the last ten days camping at the Nationals. This fabulous photo of him going clear in the steeplechase was taken by Emma Elliott Photography.

He is fast and fun but gets somewhat distracted by other dogs he wants to play with!

He is growing up into a lovely dog with a very sound temperament and delightful character.

he is a wonderful companion for Robbie the sheltie.