Parisway Shu with Janallan

Shu is getting good at this agility game and really enjoying himself. He is a strong charactered dog and is tuggy mad and very excitable but he is gradually learning self control. He is a handsome lad and is hip scored 5:5.

puppy Shu is sired by Faolan (Janallan Balachandra) and bred by Chris Paris Brown. He is a delightful pup full of character and very exuberant and friendly. He came to live with me at 8 weeks old.

Shu is growing up fast and loves tuggy games.

Now at nine months old Shu is growing into a stunning young male with a huge personality. I am hoping to start basic agility training with him and also assistance dog work so he can (hopefully) take over from his granddad Merlin who will be 13 years old in March.