THE RUNES Forum has been set up to add to everyone's enjoyment of the puzzle.

It is free and open to all the buyers of THE RUNES. It can be accessed on-line at any time.

By joining THE RUNES Forum you will be able to:

  Check some of your solutions

   Record and compare your progress with other solvers

  Give and receive hints and help

   Discuss all aspects of the puzzle

   Learn about puzzles designed by other members

  Discuss any other topics of interest

To take a look at THE RUNES Forum, please click on the link below:


Joining is Easy and Free

Joining THE RUNES Forum is very easy. You simply choose a name for yourself and your own password.

There are no charges now or afterwards. The cost of the service is included in the purchase price of the puzzle.

Help in Beginning The Puzzle

After you join, you will be able to read and post comments in all the general forums and also in the first 3 of the page forums that are for the discussion of the puzzles in THE RUNES.

Here you can get and give advice as you begin to solve the puzzle.

A Higher Forum Level as You Progress

When you have made some progress on these pages and have worked out the keywords (which are in the boxes at the top and bottom of each page), you send these in a forum message to the Gatekeeper.
He will check that you are right and put Level 3 after your name. You will then be able to join the page 4 forum discussions.

The other forums will be opened for you in a similar way. The page 4 keywords will get you to Level 4 and gain access to the page 5 forum and so on.

You will never lose access to the earlier forums you joined, so please stay in touch with those discussions and help those members where you can. 

Joining the Forum After Page 3

If you are joining THE RUNES Forum having already progressed further into the puzzle than page 3, that's no problem.
You send the Gatekeeper the keywords that you have and he will put you straight to the appropriate Level and open up the right forums for you.

Just remember that the Gatekeeper will only accept the keywords in pairs for each page. A single keyword is not enough.

Also the words must be for consecutive pages from page 1 onwards. If there is a gap it will need to be filled before the later words can be considered.

To make sure your enjoyment of the puzzle is not spoilt, it is a rule of THE RUNES Forum that:

No puzzle solutions are posted or discussed

But otherwise you can discuss and read comments on all aspects of the puzzle. There is also a forum for members to present their own puzzles and another to discuss any other topics of interest.

Join Up and Say Hello

That covers the basics.

You will certainly get more out of THE RUNES if you take this opportunity to be in touch with fellow solvers.

To take a look at THE RUNES Forum, please click on the link below:


and when you want to join, just click on "Register" on THE RUNES Forum Index page, at the top right.

Remember until you join you can only look (but not post) in the forums that are open to the public. After you join, you can post in these forums and gain full access to the others as you send in the puzzle keywords.

Looking forward to meeting you in the Forum.